Persian Architecture کتابخانه سروش

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Marking five decades of an integarated , interdisciplinary Surveyof persian Art from its Origins until the Present , this volume is a composite selection from


مؤلف : Masusoleum of Arthur Upham Pope – Mohsen Foroughi – Hussein Mu’arefi


معرفی اجمالی محصول

With the history of Persia as long as the history of mankind itself, it is no surprise that its architectural legacy should be one of the richest in the world. It is perhaps only the relative inaccessibility of Irans architectural treasures in recent years that has caused Persian architecture to be less well regarded in comparison with that of other great civilisations. However, what is clear from the rich yet concise tour offered by Arthur Popes “Introducing Persian Architecture”, is that Persian architecture can be compared to that of Ancient Greece and Egypt without any hint of inferiority.


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ابعاد 23.5 × 16.5 cm
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Persian Architecture کتابخانه سروش



نوع کاغذ

نیم گلاسه

نوع چاپ

چهار رنگ

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